Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, life after the wedding has been crazy. This is my first chance to sit down and blog in a while! We've been working on the house quite a bit and we're still not unpacked fully yet, but we're taking it one thing at a time. One room at a time, really. To add to the chaos, we adopted a little puppy, too! I also started an internship with and I'm still working on my thesis.

So, in short-- life is nuts, but I love every second of it.

Our puppy is Mia, a sweet black lab mix who was found in rural Tennessee living under a car with her mamma and her littermates. They were covered in fleas and had huge patches of fur missing. Poor little guys were such a mess! But the Critter Cavalry Rescue took them in, got them healthy, had them fixed, microchipped and ready for adoption. They were put into foster homes, and our baby Mia was placed in a home just 45 minutes from us. The whole thing happened fast-- we called about her on a Saturday, talked to the lady who runs the rescue on Sunday, and on Monday we were picking her up from the foster home! Our heads were spinning a little bit from how quick the process was, but I'm glad it was quick-- as soon as we adopted Mia, it opened up a space in the foster home for another dog in a shelter to get into a home and buy some time before being adopted. Especially in the south, the shelters are overrun with dogs and cats and unfortunately a lot of those shelters are high kill shelters. Animals that aren't taken from the shelter in a week or so are usually put to sleep. That makes me so sad! Now that we have Mia, I can't imagine now having her around and I really cannot imagine someone killing her because she had no home to go to. So, even though we had a lot on our plate already, we couldn't pass up the chance to help a rescue dog.

And we LOVE her!

She's a sweet little thing, who loves everyone she meets. She has a wicked little sense of humor and she's very smart-- she's learning so much so quick.

Right now she's sleeping on the couch next to me and once she wakes up, we'll probably venture out to the park (or maybe just a walk around the block). We're still working on the whole walking-on-the-leash thing, but she'll get it. If only Cesar Millan could pop in for some tutorials!

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