Saturday, September 25, 2010

So busy

I keep meaning to update my blog, but I can never find the time to do it. Right now is a good opportunity-- it's 10:15 on a Saturday night, I just finished editing 30 pages of my thesis and wrote an article for the website I'm interning for. I deserve a little break!

Mia is doing well. We had our first night of puppy class last Tuesday and she kicked butt. The other pup in the class is a freaking PRECIOUS Chow Chow named Mya, whose owner is Kristen (and her husband, Randy). This highly amused me (seems it doesn't take much...). Matt was gone for a week at the Reserves, which kind of sucked, but I survived it. We're starting to fall into a little bit of a routine, but it definitely feels like we're still trying to find our balance in this new life of being married, owning a home, and being parents to a puppy. On a daily basis I'm juggling a million things-- interning, writing, editing my thesis, working on Patch, working on the house, taking care of Mia. I'm exhausted all the time lately, but it's no wonder why! haha Today we had acupuncture appointments, Matt for his back and me for my Colitis, and our acupuncturist kind of helped me get my stress under control and put it in perspective. Sure, I've got a lot of things to worry about-- but really, they're not big deals. And I have a lot of wonderful blessings in my life right now that I'm so grateful for-- namely my husband and our home, health, and pup!

So right now we're sitting around watching ghost shows on the Bio channel. I might cry myself to sleep, they're so creepy-- but there's something awesomely autumn about it. Definitely excited for October-- it's one of my favorite months. I love when the season changes and I ADORE Halloween. Thankfully Matt is on the same page, and we're ready to be creeped out a little bit, to decorate our house with novelty Halloween stuff, and to enjoy our first fall in our house. I've mastered apple crisp and we've got cider in the fridge-- can't top that!

As disjointed as this post is, I think it reflects my fried brain. Maybe next time I'll have more cohesive, organized thoughts! I wouldn't count on it for a few months, though..

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