Friday, August 20, 2010


We got hitched. It happened. Fifteen months of planning came to fruition on August 7, 2010.

And this is the blog that will document life AFTER the wedding. Because, contrary to what some insane brides think, there is a life after that one day. And thank God for that, because if there wasn't life after the wedding day... all that planning and stressing would NOT have been worth it!

Tomorrow is our two week anniversary. I have no idea how two weeks have already passed us by. We spent our honeymoon in Bar Harbor, Maine (amazing) and came home to our brand new house. Here's what the week before the wedding looked like:

Sunday: Find out Friday wedding rehearsal will not work with the church's schedule. Panic. Try to come up with alternative plan.

Monday: Spend morning on the phone with every human being who needs to talk to me. Call priest. Call Crowne Plaza. Call lawyer. Call realtor. Call therapist to set up a year's worth of sessions because this is INSANE. Talk to woman at RI Dept. of Taxation because mother thinks venue is committing fraud by charging tax on the service charge. Waste 30 minutes. Find out they can charge tax. Didn't care in the first place. Wasn't on my radar of things-to-care-about-today. Crazy amount of stress. Must finish submission for my grad program. Must email to professor by midnight. Must stop thinking about everything else that is happening. Crash.

Tuesday: More crazy stress. Errands. Meeting at Crowne Plaza. Pick up mattress at the mall. Drive it 30 minutes down the highway held on by a few bungee cords. In-laws drop off 26' U-Haul that is packed to the gills with my husband-to-be's stuff. Realize he owns a lot of stuff. Panic. Pack truck up with more stuff. Crash.

Wednesday: 8 am walk through at house. Stuff still isn't done (surprise). 10 am closing. Seal the deal, buy a house. Go to florist. Drop off box of artificial butterflies. Promise to email them a list of where each one should go. Promptly forget to do this. Finish packing U-Haul. Recruit friends & family (and some children) to help us move into the house. Fill all rooms with boxes. Ponder how we will get the box spring upstairs seeing as how it doesn't fit. Eat dinner in a living room cluttered with stuff. Crash.

Thursday: Work on house. Get nails done. Go to wedding rehearsal. Practice the big day. Get pedicure. Get eyebrows done. Go to Home Depot. Browse doors with fiance. Pack two cars full of stuff. Go to Wendy's at 10:30pm for dinner. Crash.

Friday: Work on house. Pack for honeymoon. Pick up dress. Get ring cleaned. Organize gifts for rehearsal dinner. Run to WalMart. Pack stuff for wedding day and honeymoon. Try to stay calm. Greet groomsmen as the filter in. Feel bad for the one from Florida who spends 13 hours in the airport that day. Go to rehearsal dinner. Feel faint because food hasn't been on your list of things to remember lately. Eat bread, water, and Tylenol. Celebrate with friends and family. Have a kick ass time. Surprise fiance when his cousin Jon shows up. Go home. Post pics on facebook. CRASH.

Saturday: Calmness. Shower. Have tea. Spend the morning primping with friends in the hotel. Get married.... the day is a blur.... Lots of blue dresses, kisses, and pictures. Amazing.

That's how my brain recalls that week. The next one was PEACEFUL. Bar Harbor was just stunning. We relaxed (massages!!), hiked, ate SO MUCH lobster and other amazing food, consumed more ice cream than necessary, and slept a lot. It was perfect.

Now we're settling into married life in our house, which is still a big ole mess. We're chipping away little by little which is how these things come along, I'm told. Tomorrow I'm cutting off my hair. I've been growing it for a year and a half, and it's too long for me now. I'm tired of it. New life, new hair!

Here's a taste of life since we got back from the honeymoon:

--Work on house still not done
--Fridge doesn't work right
--Water heater breaks and starts leaking water
--Strange bites arise on both of us during the night.. bed bugs? Mites? WTF.

I'm not complaining, I swear. I'm beyond blessed to be married to Matt and our house is incredible. Life is wonderful right now, even if some stuff isn't 100% perfect. It doesn't matter. We weathered the most stressful months, weeks and days of our lives (well, of mine... he was in Iraq, so I'm sure that was more stressful at times) and we came out the other side married, crazy in love, and so happy.

We keep saying "hey, we're married!" because we can't believe it. It's surreal, but just so perfect.

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