Sunday, August 22, 2010

IKEA! And a rainy Sunday..

Yesterday, on our two week anniversary, I cut my hair about up to my shoulders (will be going shorter in a couple more months... I think I need to ease into it), and then Matt and I went to IKEA! It was my first trip, and most people have been shocked to hear that I'd never been before. Well, I now understand why that was so shocking. How have I missed this for so long?? At least now I can say that I went, I purchased, I conquered.

And I'm ready to go back for more!

We spent a good solid 3.5 or 4 hours there and took home a TV stand, a coffee table (both of which are already assembled thanks to my handy husband), a sofa table and a bookcase. We also picked up some decorative things like baskets, some lanterns, and a rug for the living room. I couldn't believe the prices and the huge selection. I would rather drive an hour to IKEA any day instead of going fifteen minutes to a Cardi's. We never would have gotten these pieces for the same prices elsewhere. And honestly, I liked IKEA furniture a lot more than I've liked other stuff we've looked at.

Amazing. I'm so glad we went.

Today we've been moving stuff, cleaning, building, organizing... like mad people. Our plumber came this afternoon (on a Sunday! What a guy!) to fix our hot water heater. Matt hooked up the dehumidifier to a hose so we don't have to dump it every few hours. And now we're taking a little break, eating ice cream, and plotting out the rest of the afternoon. The sofa table will be built and the rug will be put down, but first I have to CLEAN. I'm so paranoid now because we just had a mystery bug problem (seems to be gone now... we woke up without any new bites), and all I want to do is scrub everything and vacuum every corner and get rid of every bit of dust so that this place is inhospitable to bugs. Also, we need to do some Raid bombs in our basement STAT because I saw a MASSIVE brown spider (I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU, LIS) on the wall last night when I went down to get the laundry and it sent me running up the stairs yelling, "OH, HELL NO. HELL. NO. HELL NO." So Matt did the laundry and killed the spider. But seriously. I want to bomb the hell out of those suckers. If you're a bug and you're living in my house, you will die. Only Michele le Rabit (said in a French accent) is allowed to live in or around our home. Not huge disgusting spiders or bugs that leave us with weird bites. Sorry, but you're all evicted.

The only thing I like about winter is the lack of bugs. So gross.

Well, Matt is on the floor with pieces of the sofa table all around him, so I should probably offer a hand. It's been a busy day, but I really like that it's been rainy and chilly. We've gotten so much done inside our messy, cozy house! :)


  1. Oh dear. Watch out for those giant brown spiders. They're crafty. UGHHHHH. :)

    Can't wait to see your adorable hair! Or your new stuff!!


  2. Crafty, and DISGUSTING. They only make an appearance every now and then but when they do, it freaks me out. Now, the daddy long legs are like a dime a dozen in our basement and don't bother me QUITE as much, but they're still disgusting too. They're just everywhere.

    You guys should come over this week sometime! We can actually SIT in the living room! It's the only room besides the bathrooms that are totally functionable, but that's ok! Is there a night when Andy isn't working?